I have written many types of texts for vastly different target groups. Here you can find a selection of them.


From 2008 to 2009 I volunteered in the Danish Student Association for American Studies, DSAAS. Here I launched the no longer active website at dsaas.org. At the website and on print I served as editor of a newsletter. As editor I was responsible for planning what was to be included and how it would be presented. I did the layout and proofreading. I also very much contributed to the content creation. And in connection with my planning of a semester at the University of Alabama, I created a special issue on how to do that (4th issue).

DSAAS Newsletter, 3rd issue (pdf) (English)

DSAAS Newsletter, 4th issue (pdf) (English)


cfbmagI have to have a project – and preferably more than one. Therefore I decided in the fall of 2012 to do my part to make sure prople know about my big passion, college football. Since no print material exists in Danish which serves as a decent introduction to this topic, I started creating my own magazine to fill this void. It beame a 34-page magazine for which I created all content and layout. I have to humbly remark that I correctly analyzed who would eventually win the national championship that season. Content is king, and I delivered on that saying.

Preview magazine for the 2012 college football season (pdf) (Danish)

Betting tips from Tipsbladet.dk (Danish)
North Carolina at Duke -6 (20.11.14)
Oregon at Cal over 78 (24.10.14)
A couple of different types from Gulklud.dk (Danish)
Why Alabama Is the World’s Best Team (18.10.14)
Why Miami Is the World’s Best Team (04.10.14)
The Amway Coaches Poll (14.08.14)
TV-Guide: Rivalry Week! (27.11.14)
What Happened This Week in College Football (21.10.14)

For the 2014 season I wrote for Gul Klud about college football. During the season I wrote preview articles, recaps and I took a closer look at the traditions and history of some of the major teams. In addition to that I wrote smaller news pieces. It was a nice way to combine hobby and my passion for writing. I have also contributed to the Danish betting publication Tipsbladet, where I wrote betting tips for college football. Here is a list (in Danish) of the Danish articles I have written for Gul Klud and Tipsblade and on the right is a list of some of the better ones.

When the 2015 season kicked off in September, I launched my own college football site, The Read Option. The site’s target audience is Danish football fans who want to learn more about college as a league of its own with all the traditions and stories that go along with it. Most Danish football fans consider college football a talent factory for the NFL, but it is more than that and I want to make people realize this. There is also a related Twitter account and Facebook page.
Here is my series of background articles about large and small stories from world of the college football.
Here is another research-heavy series on trivia about various big teams.


In the fall of 2015 the online media DenFri began syndicating articles from The Read Option. The articles in questions are the ones that offer perspective on American society. They take their starting point in American college football but offer insights on larger historical and/or social issues. The articles on DenFri are rewritten and edited so that they can be read by people with no prior knowledge of football. Below are my contributions. They are listed with English titles, but the articles themselves are in Danish:
The Pedophilia Scandal at Penn State
If Mississippi Could Do It


In addition to college football I am very interested in music, so in the past I have combined that passion with my love of writing. What excites me about being a music critic is using words to describe something as diffuse and complex as music. When music writing really works, it manages to convey a feeling. What is hard is to figure out how this is done, and I cannot say I have managed to do it every time. But every once in a while I have hit the nail on the head, and there are a couple of examples of this below. Both are from Undertoner which offers virtually no limits to form and length. That makes it fun to write for them, but it is made no easier with non-existent limitations.

Classic Record: Blondie: Parallel Lines (pdf) (Danish)

Concert Review: The Kills, Lille Vega (pdf) (Danish)


At The Embassy of The Republic of Turkey in Denmark I produced written translations (Danish to English and English to Danish) every day. In addition to that I prepared reports to inform Turkish diplomats of various stories in the Danish press. To me it is more fun to prepare reports than translations. In a report I have to have an overview of various pieces of information, decipher what is important, cut off fluff and combine it all in a coherent text. It was valuable training every time I prepared a report like the two below.

Report: The Tax Reform (pdf) (English)

Report: Day by Day Summary of the Election Campaign (pdf) (English)


Curbsideclassic.com is one of the best online resources for knowledge of “regular” cars. Since I am a huge car enthusiast, I have decided to write a little about them for this site. My (English) contributions are below:
Danish Delights #7: 1998 Kewet
Danish Delights #6: 1987 Ellert
Danish Delights #5: 1967 SVJ 1000 GT
Danish Delights #4: 1981 OScar
Danish Delights #3: 1972 Sommer Joker
Danish Delights #2: 1960 Volvo Special
Danish Delights #1: 1950 Sommer S1

Curbside Classic: Audi A2 1.2 TDI – Vorsprung Durch Technik

Curbside Classic: Alfa Romeo 75 (Milano) – Alfa Romeo’s Swansong
CC outtake: Look! It Had A Baby!



Just for kicks, here is my master’s thesis, in case anyone should feel the desire to read a feminist analysis of Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina and what such a reading means to the traditionally masculine grit lit universe. I chose this topic becasue I am fascinated by Dorothy Allison’s ability to claim her right and her space. In such a rough and “masculine” genre as the redneck-y grit lit, there is not much room for neither women nor homosexuals, and Allison is both. My analysis of how she manages to elbow her way in and create a space in this universe – without destroying it that is – is inspiring to me.

Bastard Claiming Carolina: Writing a Feminist Story in a Masculine Genre (English)