I am a versatile communicator with a broad background and experience with several types of communication and audiences. Therefore I can reach the target audience every time.

I am used to working hard. I thrive on short deadlines and I always deliver quality work on time.

I am curious and full of independent. I have built a number of websites, managed others and created content for even more. Everything I know about IT is self-taught, because I strive to understand how things work. I have lots of experience with content management systems, knows HTML5 and the Office applications. I study CSS and Javascript. I am a frequent user of social media. I use Google AdWords and Analytics to measure the efficiency of my communication. It has provided me with a good understanding of how processes work, and it makes sure my messages always have maximum reach.

I have lots of initiative. I created a system for better cost management at McDonald’s. I got the idea for and was the driving force in creating a print and online newsletter as well as website for the Danish Student Association for American Studies. I created a 34 page magazine about college football from the ground up. I have taken that passion to another level and currently run Denmark’s best portal for American college football, The Read Option. This is all just because I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and getting people excited. I also take university classes to get smarter.

I am fluent in both Danish and English. There are writing samples on this site. I scored 117 of 120 points in the internationally recognized TOEFL test, and that was before I studied in the United States and worked four years at an English speaking workplace, where part of my job was translating from Danish to English and English to Danish.

I am reliable and a good colleague. My recommendations are accessible here. If you read them, you will see that colleagues as well as bosses emphasize the quality of my work, as well as my characteristics as a colleague and my sense of humor.

I am 36 years old and live in Nørrebro in Copenhagen with my wonderful girlfriend and our daughter. I read a ton about cars and in the fall I stay up late to watch college football from the USA, by which I was bitten and severely infected during my stay over there. I follow and discuss politics and social issues, and I cannot shake my interest in music, even if I no longer write about it. I picked up running in 2015 and have run a half marathon. I plan to double the distance next year.

I would be happy to hear from you, whether just for a couple of coffee or to discuss what I have to offer.

Mads Jensen

2682 2370