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2016: 2.V, Vordingborg Gymnasium & HF
A farewell letter from an English class I had

“You make it a point to emphasize the positives as well as the perhaps less brilliant parts of our papers – we are always motivated when we get a paper back from you! You are very well aware of our individual qualities and do your best to help us all live up to our full potential, so thank you for that!”
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2016: Ib Brøkner Christiansen, Principal
My former boss at Vordingborg Gymnasium & HF

“Mads is a competent teacher. He plans his classes carefully and with a clear focus on the academic requirements as well as the students’ skill set (…) Mads structures his classes clearly and transparently for the students.”
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2016: Birgitte Appel, Principal
My former boss at Roskilde Tekniske Gymnasium

“Mads (…) has planned, carried out and evaluated his classes. His work tasks have required an independent approach as well a cooperation skills. (…) Roskilde Tekniske Gymnasium (Roskilde Technical High School) is convinced that he will perform well wherever he ends up.”
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2015: Karsten Ramlov, Education Director
My former immediate superior at Aarhus Tech

“It has been a hallmark of Mads that he has had a very good connection to the students. Through dialog he has managed to create interest and motivation for the subject. He has a flair for “reading” both the individual student and the relations among the students.
I know Mads as an independent and engaged educator who approaches teaching with great engagement and enthusiasm.”
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2014: Mehmet Dönmez, Ambassador
My former boss at The Embassy of The Republic of Turkey

“[Mads's] tasks have included translation between Danish and English, research on various topics as well as different administrative tasks. Mads has also been involved in both internal and external communication as well as handling press relations.
Mads has carried out his tasks with great dedication and precision. He is generally very thorough in his work and can be trusted to complete his assignments diligently and with great attention to detail. He successfully maintains an overview while juggling various tasks, and through his research he always provides complete and clear material.”
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2014: Sascha Damm Thoning, Receptionist
My former colleague and office partner at The Embassy of The Republic of Turkey

“I will happily vouch for him as a trustworthy and highly intelligent employee with a creative approach to his tasks. Mads is knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects and will deliver quality work for any demanding assignment. The combination of this and his loyalty and warm humour makes me consider Mads a port in any storm – work related or otherwise.”
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2011: Pernille Rude, Marketing Coordinator
My former colleague and office partner at The Embassy of The Republic of Turkey

“Mads’ main qualities are his ability to always deliver high quality work and his willingness to help out wherever needed. Moreover, he has excellent analytical skills and a great sense of humour :) It is my pleasure to recommend Mads.”
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2009: Jørn Brøndal, Associate Professor
My former American Studies Professor

“Serious, dedicated and diligent student (…) Besides being a diligent student, Mads Jensen is active in student affairs.”
“I have full confidence in Mads Jensen’s academic and personal skills.”
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2009: Clara Juncker, Associate Professor
My former American Studies Professor

“Mads is a well respected student in our American Studies program. In class he contributes with ideas and visions singularly his own, and he will consistently offer fresh and interesting insights on the material we cover. Outside of class, he is active as well. he is a board member of DSAAS, the Danish Student organization for American Studies, and has created the DSAAS website. He is also the editor of the organization newsletter.”
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2005: Henrik Larsen, General Manager
My former boss at McDonald’s

“Mads is very diligent (…) Furthermore, Mads has managed to create the sense of respect around him that is necessary to be a good manager.”
Read the whole recommendation here (Danish)

2000: Kim Vogelius, Bureau Manager
My former boss at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“Mads has also due to his vast knowledge and interest in IT been a solid support for colleagues without the same understanding of IT, and Mads has furthermore functioned as internal “super user.”
Read the whole recommendation here (Danish)

1998: Jens-Erik Mølgaard, CEO
My former boss at Frejlev Cementstøberi

“Mads is a sensible and diligent young man, who has solved all the tasks with which he has been presented in a satisfactory manner, which is why Frejlev Cementstøberi A/S recommends him.”
Read the whole recommendation here (Danish)

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